A New Dimension: Chapter Six

        The light was terrible and amazing all at once.  Crimson couldn’t tear herself away from it; it penetrated every pore of her small chicken body.    She could feel herself moving through space but had no frame of reference and couldn’t tell whether she was in the air, on the ground, or even underwater.
        Finally, she could perceive a slight change in the nature of the light.  It began to pulse blue and white.  The pulsing ebbed until finally the light faded to a dim hum of the deepest blue.  A few moments later she could tell that she was laying on her back in the dirt.  She attempted to sit up, but felt too weak.
        OK, she thought, I’ve just been consumed by some kind of blast, I should probably just take a beat here and rest a minute.  The moment she laid her head back against the sand, the exhaustion and overwhelm became too much for her to handle, and she slipped into unconsciousness.

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