A New Dimension: Chapter Eleven

        The clearing was empty – except, of course for the usual ferns and bushes and small trees.  Nebraska walked slowly around.
        “What’s going on here?” Deloris squirrel asked.  The rest of the group clearly had the same question.  Finally they all met back in the center of the clearing where their camp had been.  
        “Guys, something odd has happened,” Dr. Rabbit said.
        “Thank you for pointing out the obvious,” a clearly agitated Deloris Squirrel responded.
        “Okay, everyone,” the Gray Squirrel said, putting a paw gently on Deloris’ shoulder.  “We all want to know what’s going on.  Let’s start with what we do know.”
        “Which is . . .”  Nebraska Rooster wasn’t trying to be glib, but he really couldn’t think of anything.
        “Which is,” replied the Gray Squirrel.  “That we’ve traveled to some other dimension or other time.  It’s the only explanation that fits.”
        They all took that in for a moment.  Then Dr. Rabbit looked up at the sky and said, “Well, if we’ve traveled to a different time, we ought to be able to use the position of the stars to tell us that.”
        “Great – that’s a great start, Dr. Rabbit,” said the Gray Squirrel.
        “How will we know if we’re in a different dimension?”  Deloris asked as though ending up in different dimensions was like getting lost on the way to the grocery store.
        “Well . . .” said Nebraska Rooster, “I think we’ll know it eventually, if we’re stuck in an alternate dimension.”  He paused, thinking then said, “Things will be . . . um, different, I guess.”
        “Like the camp site,” said Deloris Squirrel.  
        Nebraska Rooster was about to say something in agreement, when they heard the sound of a truck pulling up.  
        The Gray Squirrel responded immediately.  “Everyone, into the bushes, quick!” he said.  

        They didn’t hesitate, and all piled into the bushes.  
        A truck pulled up to the clearing seconds later.  It was a small vehicle, not unlike the one they’d been transported out to the clearing in.  Doors opened, then slammed shut.  Boots crunched on the clearing floor.  Voices rang out.  The truck’s occupants came into sight of where the little group was hiding.  
        “Whoaa . . .” breathed Nebraska Rooster quietly as the newcomers came into view.  “This is a different dimension, all right.”

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